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There were several events during 1999 to celebrate the Centenary including open week-ends. One of these coincided with a short visit to Achmer, near Osnabruck, and I was able to visit the railway on Sunday 25th July. It took nearly 4 hours to drive there and after parking in the main town car park we walked to the main station where 2-10-2T 99 7245-8 was undergoing servicing outside the shed which contained a couple of diesels and a railcar. There was a rake of coaches in the station which was otherwise virtually deserted. We went to find some food and drink and returned to see the train departing. A few minutes later another arrived behind 2-10-2T 99 7238-1. There were no more trains scheduled to depart for nearly 2 hours so after photographing this loco we followed the track towards the town and soon found a yard where we could see a few people walking round the stock. As we rouded the next bend we saw the loco works adjacent to Westerntor station, which were open to the public.

Left: Wernigerode shed with 2-10-2T 99 7245-6 being prepared for the next train, railcar 187 018-7 and diesel 199 861-6 inside.
Right: 99 7245-6 leaving with the 1307 to Brocken.
Below: 2-10-2T 99 7238-1 runs round the arrival from Brocken.
Bottom: 99 7238-1 runs onto the shed to prepare for its next run to Brocken.

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