The Algarve Railway
Vila Real de Santo António - Faro - Tunes - Lagos

30th September 2002.

Left: Albufeira station and 1426 arrives with the 2 coach 1057 to Faro (0958 from Lagos).

Right: ng 0-6-0T Pedorido is plinthed in the station garden at the northern end on platform 1 at Faro.

Left: Faro station is relatively busy with 1425 waiting to leave with the 1200 to Lagos and 1426 reversing its train out to the carriage sidings where 1933 is waiting with the 1425 to Lisbon. DMU 9 was also stabled here and 1418 was stabled in the station (see below).

Below: The top 2 pictures show DMU 9, which has moved into the station to form the 1225 to Tavira, and 1418. The lower 3 pictures show DMU's 6, 3 and 9 at Olhão.

Below: We returned from Olhão to Albufeira on the 1625 from Vila Real de Santo António to Lisbon which is seen approaching Olhão behind 1931 in the first 2 pictures. We passed 1422 at Faro with the 1735 to Vila Real de Santo António. As we left Faro we passed 1563 stabled in the yard. At Loulé we crossed 1938 and another 19xx double heading a 3 coach Lisbon - Faro intercity train. The final picture shows 1931 about to depart from Albufeira.

2nd October 2002.

Right: We took the 1233 from Albufeira to Lagos (1200 from Faro). The 2 coach train arrived at Albufeira behind 1419 and the next stop was Tunes where we would meet the 1135 from Lagos, and cross the Lisbon to Vila Real de Santo António. All I could see in Tunes station were 2 coaches before 1931 arrived from Lisbon, no sign of any other locomotive having arrived from Lagos. At Silves we passed 1432 with the 1230 Lagos to Faro (no picture). On arrival at Lagos we found 1422 had been attached in front of 1419. I didn't notice when I photographed the train approaching Lagos but it shows in the picture.

Left: 1419 and 1422 with the 2 coach local after arrival at Lagos. After running round 1419 uncoupled and was attached to another 2 coaches in the far platform to form the 1358 to Tunes. 1422 and its 2 coaches would later form the 1507 to Faro.
The 3 road partial roundhouse, seen in the last picture, apparently contains 2 steam locomotives which were formally in Faro museum. The station master told me it was closed permanently and out of bounds.

Right: First a road train which runs from the marina, past Lagos station, through the town and up to the lighthouse and back every hour.
1426 at Lagos with the 1717 to Faro, which we would take as far as Albufeira. 1425 is standing on the adjacent track.
Finally the partial roundhouse at Lagos - it was not possible to see through the windows to confirm what was in there.

Left: On the return journey at Silves we crossed the 1645 Faro to Lagos hauled by 1432. It would appear to be customary on this line for the signalman to walk to the points at each end of the loops before allowing trains into or out of the stations. At Tunes we passed 1931 on the 1625 Vila Real de Santo António to Lisbon and 1419 with the 1825 to Lagos. The last 3 pictures show 1426 after arrival at Albufeira.

4th October 2002.

We planned to take the 0942 from Albufeira to Vila Real de San António but it was pulling out as we arrived so we had to wait for the 1057 and change at Faro.
I took the photograph of the PW car while we were waiting.
The 1057 arrived late, at 1115, behind 1423

Again there were several locomotives at Faro with 1419 and 1939 each standing with a train on the west side. 1418 and 1932 were coupled together with a train on the east side, alongside DMU 8 and 1564. 1432 was also present in the station but I did not take a photograph of it. The train from Lisbon, which we would take at 1328 from Faro to Vila Real de San António, arrived behind 1931 again.

The five photographs on the right were taken from about a mile away as 1931 departed from Vila Real de San António with the 1625 to Lisbon.

Apart from the daily service to and from Lisbon the section from Faro to Vila Real de Santo António is almost entirely in the hands of diesel railcars. The top row pictures (left) are at Vila Real de Santo António and show DMU 8 arriving, the old steam depot (stock inside not identified) and a DMU outside the new depot.
The last two pictures show DMU 7 stabled at Tavira and DMU 5 with the 1735 from Faro pausing alongside it.

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